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Monday, May 05, 2008

Launches, readings & what-have-you

The writing workshop I attended recently wound down a few weeks ago. (If you’re interested, you can find my Workshop Notes here). Since finishing up, I’ve been swamped taking care of all the little things I’ve neglected over the past three or four months, so there hasn’t been much in the way of writing or submitting. But I’m happy to say that many of my writer pals are keeping busy:

*Pasha Malla’s new book, The Withdrawal Method, can now be acquired online, and he has an upcoming book launch on May 28 at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Since he didn’t include a plane ticket in the mass email I received, I won’t be able to make it, but you should go. His note says of the event: “Adults will be reading things they wrote as children, and then we will drink. Somewhat accurate information here.”

*Tricia Dower has upcoming readings, also, one of which I will be able to attend. No plane ticket required; it’s here in town. For more info, have a gander here.

*Andrew Tibbetts will likely be reading his Malahat Novella Contest-winning story somewhere sometime, after he’s done lunching with all the literary big wigs (with really big wigs, I understand). Stay tuned.

*A story by our pal Hannah Holborn, "Without Strings", is in the just-released anthology, Love You to Pieces: Creative Writers on Raising a Child with Special Needs.

*And I think Anne Chudobiak has a reading coming up, too, but I can’t find the information. Nevertheless, she always has some great review out there to read, so Google her already, will ya?

*Finally, another pal, and former CWC-er, Melissa Bell, has been blogging about yummy things over at Check her out.

So, say, if any of you have something going on, why not post a bit about it here? Brag, people, brag. I love the inspiration (and plane tickets, if you’re offering).


Blogger Tricia Dower said...

Aren't you kind and generous. I'm obviously not on Pasha's list, so your post is like a HUGE scoop! Exciting news.

Mon May 05, 02:57:00 am GMT-4  
Blogger Anne said...

It's true that 2008 is an exciting year!

(My role is purely as a fan and observer. Nothing scheduled here, other than a possible trip to TO for Tricia's launch--fingers crossed.)

Mon May 05, 06:59:00 am GMT-4  
Blogger Andrew Tibbetts said...

Such excitement! Plus, of course, all of us are at our computers just slogging away with the words that make the sentences that make the paragraphs that make the stories- and that's a great accomplishment!

Mon May 05, 07:11:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger T. Lee said...

Hey, just because I have nothing going on, that's no reason not to brag about my friends. I'm so gosh-darn proud. Here's to a very productive 2008.

Mon May 05, 08:05:00 pm GMT-4  

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