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Monday, November 20, 2006

Groovy Bright Eyed Darkness

by Tricia Dower

Bright eyes, burning like fire. You’re in the zone. Riding the wave of heightened creativity. Invulnerable to blank page tyranny. Mixing metaphors with aplomb. Using words like aplomb. No plot predicament is impervious to your genius. Stoned/drunk/ smashed on… under the influence of Atwood-Munro-Ondaatje power. Possessed and obsessed. Magnanimous enough to hug the world. How could you do anything but write?

Hello darkness, my old friend. You’re the lone occupant of an impenetrable castle. A Rapunzel who doesn’t want to be rescued. The drawbridge is up, dragons prowling the moat. You don’t have time, you’re not in the mood, you have a headache. Everyone should just LEAVE YOU ALONE! Something dense and poisonous clogs your brain, you need a doctor, a plumber, a bottle of wine. If you could just push, drive, ram it through, you’d be back in the zone.

Then the gift of a dream arrives. Or the poignant, high voice of a violin. Did someone say something deep? It could as easily have been Tinkerbell sprinkling you with pixie dust. For, inexplicably, you’re back. Life I love you, all is groovy.

Which Simon and Garfunkel Album are you?

According to the quiz, I’m Bridge Over Troubled Water: “You’re melancholy, but probably not dark. A dreamer; a lover, not a fighter. Keep your distance due to shyness more than anything else. Still, you try to enjoy life; do pretty well at it.” Sail on silver girl, sail on by.

Photo: Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel once upon a time. Snippets of their lyrics from Bright Eyes, The Sound of Silence, 59th Street Bridge Song and Bridge Over Troubled Water.


Blogger Patricia said...

I SO GET THIS!!!! This is how I feel right this instant!! I love this post!!! I'm Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme, it is quite interesting, it says I'm critical and a bit lonly, however, have the ability to laugh at myself...after being critical and alone...great post Tricia, love it, the flow and the language!!

Mon Nov 20, 12:57:00 am GMT-5  
Blogger Antonios Maltezos said...

Bookends. That's nice, thanks, Tricia.

Mon Nov 20, 07:28:00 am GMT-5  
Blogger Anne C. said...

According to the quiz, I'm Bridge, too, but if solo careers were allowed, I'd be Graceland. I just know it.

Mon Nov 20, 07:45:00 am GMT-5  
Blogger MelBell said...

Also P,S,R & T here - how did I know it was going to turn out that way?

This was fun, Tricia.


The World's Biggest Simon and Garfundel Fan That Ever Lived

Mon Nov 20, 09:25:00 am GMT-5  
Blogger Tricia Dower said...

Thanks, guys. Patricia: were you on the groovy side of relating or were you saying hello to darkness?

Tony: Colin is Bookends, also -- all positive, hmm.

Anne: I ditto your sentiments on Graceland. What an exciting album that was.

Mel: Didn't know you were a big fan. It's hard not to like a lot of their stuff. It was so original.

Mon Nov 20, 12:29:00 pm GMT-5  
Anonymous Larry said...

Although I adore your blog entry, I'm really more of a Liza Minnelli album - take your pick.

Mon Nov 20, 12:59:00 pm GMT-5  
Blogger Steve Gajadhar said...

I'm "Bridge", although I could've guessed that without doing the quiz. But I'm optimistic! It all makes no sense, but I really don't want to talk about it.

Mon Nov 20, 01:45:00 pm GMT-5  
Blogger Tricia Dower said...

Liza! Larry, I wish you could see Canadian comedienne Jessica Holmes do her Liza send-up. It's brilliant. But then, again, it might make you mad or sad. She does a great Celine Dion, too.

As a fellow Bridge-er, I understand completely, Steve. Luckily, we can project all the melancholy we want onto our characters.

Mon Nov 20, 02:09:00 pm GMT-5  
Blogger tamara said...

i do get this. sigh. boy oh boy, how i'm getting this now...

btw, p, s, r & t for me, too.

the difference was in my musical instrument choice. when i'm into strings, i'm into the herbs above; when i'm into guitars, though, apparently i'm going to jump the bridge into troubled waters. wow, who knew guitars had so much power.

Mon Nov 20, 02:55:00 pm GMT-5  
Blogger J.A. McDougall said...

I'm Bridge...Cecilia, you;re breaking my heart...I wouldn't call myself shy :) cautious, maybe. Thanks Tricia!

Mon Nov 20, 03:13:00 pm GMT-5  
Anonymous Larry said...

I thrive on send-ups... the nastier, the better.

Mon Nov 20, 03:56:00 pm GMT-5  
Blogger Tricia Dower said...

Tamara, I was into piano and got Bridge, so it must be more than one variable. Trust you to try to game the system!

Yeah, cautious is good, Jen.

Larry: you can see a video clip of Jessica as Liza at

Mon Nov 20, 04:19:00 pm GMT-5  
Anonymous Larry said...


It IS a hoot!

Mon Nov 20, 08:20:00 pm GMT-5  

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