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Friday, October 12, 2007

Descant does Fashion - Issue 138

by Melissa Bell

This past Wednesday, Yours Truly did a rare two-step out of her recent comfort zone of knitting and making cupcakes, and headed over to Queen West for the launch of Descant magazine's "Fashion" issue. As posted earlier, our own Mr. Tibbetts was on the agenda as a featured reader presenting his short story, "Ugly is the New Pretty", as were issue contributors Simon Leigh, Ron Charach, and Katherine Ashenburg. Musical entertainment was provided by the Jesse Barksdale Trio (jazzy and tight and a perfect intro into the evening), and Goregasm UK who gifted the crowd mid-program with Spanish-sung versions of "Take On Me" and "Paint it Black" (accompanied by acoustic guitar). Smiles all around. And the host, Ian Brown, was charming and he wore a tuxedo. All of the above is 100% true.

Also true: I am crappy at this review stuff. Bottom line, it was an incredibly fun night. All of the readers were refreshingly entertaining and prepared, and the crowd enjoyed themselves. I reached the conclusion on the last bit based on lots of applause and laughter. I also laughed a lot and applauded. Beats the hell out of throat-clearing and feet-shuffling (Hello, many readings! Yes, I'm looking at you!). And the room at the Gladstone Hotel* is lovely. I walked out of the evening as a new subscriber to Descant, and with a big mouthful of red wine stains. The only thing that would have made the event better would have been some waiters walking around with trays of canapes. Why no canapes? Or even just a cheese station or...something? Budget? I'm guessing budget. But really, just some melted cheese on a Triscuit would be so, so nice at these things. Call me, Descant, next time you're doing something. I'll put together some awesome wee nibblies for the writerly and readerly folk, and it won't break your accountant's brain. I mean it.

I haven't yet had much of a chance to get into the new issue, but it smells deliciously good with that fresh printing smell and it looks all fat and juicy and thick with promise. During the evening's "smoke break" (ahem, I am no longer a smoke break participant), I checked out Lindsay Zier-Vogel's two poetry contributions. They, alone, were worth the price of the issue. Terrific work. Thanks, Descant!

But seriously, Descant... Next event? Call me about some mini-quiches or a bread bowl of Knorr vegetable soup dip. I was starving!

*Google it. Get a room. It's a very, very nice place.


Blogger Andrew Tibbetts said...

Thanks Mel! It was a great event- I was so honoured to be included. But you are so correct about the lack of nibbles. They should call you about next time- I'm going to put in a word. BTW- thanks for the cupcakes! They were so good- I ate all six, but I'm keeping the bag so that I can just inhale the left-over aroma for awhile. MMMMMMMMMM!

Fri Oct 12, 10:16:00 am GMT-4  
Blogger tamara said...

Congrats, Andrew. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like a great night, even without nibblies.

Fri Oct 12, 02:53:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Tricia Dower said...

I love your writing, Mel. I feel like I was almost there.

Fri Oct 12, 06:58:00 pm GMT-4  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE New Yorker wants to know what Mel-Bell's email address is?

nuyorick (AT yahoo DOT com)

return of the radical!

Sat Oct 13, 10:25:00 pm GMT-4  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

I was directed to your site through a chum and am just beaming from your feedback. thank you thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed my work.

Mon Oct 22, 10:58:00 pm GMT-4  

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