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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Time off... kinda

Though I am passionate about my writing, it does come second to almost everything else in my life. This week, I finally made good on a promise I’d made to my father-in-law a few years ago and built him a mini-carport that extends out from around his garage door. I know, sounds like a strange thing to construct. And it’s not really a carport because the only part of the car that’ll fit inside is the front end. So why use up the days off from work, not to mention the valuable writing time, building this strange shelter. Two reasons. 1) He’s a great guy and has hardly ever asked me for a favor in all the years I know him. That may be reason enough, but there’s more. 2) His Tempo doesn’t quite make it to the sidewalk without the carport, so this’ll take care of that few feet of driveway he has to shovel in the winter. What’s a Tempo? It’s a tarp-like shelter for the car. Why can’t he use the garage for his car? It’s full of his junk. How much writing did I get done this week? You’re looking at it. But that’s okay. I’ve learned not to be afraid of those weeks where little or no writing gets done. When I do finally sit down to catch up, I’ll be surprised and thrilled at how new the prose will feel, and that I hadn’t forgotten how to do it -- that, and the father-in-law’s joy at getting his mini-carport, finally, are reward enough.


Blogger Tricia Dower said...

You can be my son-in-law anytime. You're such a good guy.

There's a small epidemic of low productivity among my writing friends, including myself. What can we blame it on?

Sat Sep 15, 08:42:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Antonios Maltezos said...

Hey, Tricia. I think there's a certain amount of luck involved when the life isn't organized around the writing. When I do finally sit down for a couple hours uninterrupted, I'm always productive. In the meantime, I make the writerly connections in my head as I go about other business. That's the way it's got to be, I guess, and I accept it. Thanks for the kind words. You need something built?

Sat Sep 15, 10:05:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Tricia Dower said...

I wouldn't mind a gazebo.

Sun Sep 16, 01:40:00 am GMT-4  
Blogger MelBell said...

Heck, if you're taking orders, Tony, I've always wanted a treehouse. With an elevator please. Thank you.

Sun Sep 16, 03:00:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Antonios Maltezos said...

I built my kids a super duper combo swing set/club house years ago. I've always wanted to add to it, but as the years go by and they get older, it seems less likely I'll get to that extension. Sad. Sad. Sad. I should do it, anyway, for the little one, even if it means I'll be the one climbing up there with her to play with the tea set. It's sad that it'll eventually pass through a time of neglect, a fading memory of when my family was young.

Sun Sep 16, 07:49:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Steve Gajadhar said...

How about a picture of this handywork? Then I can critique your framing methods!

Sun Sep 16, 10:57:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Antonios Maltezos said...

I'll post a picture tonight.

Mon Sep 17, 08:31:00 am GMT-4  
Blogger tamara said...

You are a great guy; what a nice thing to do. And giving your kids a treehouse... I dreamed of having a real one when I was a kid. I can just see you up there with your littlest.

Yes. Pics! I'd love to see your handiwork too.

Mon Sep 17, 01:04:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Antonios Maltezos said...

Jeez! I'm feeling the pressure. Thanks a lot, Stevo! The mother-in-law snapped a picture when I was putting up the vinyl siding. I tried to get her to come with me to the Pharmaprix so I could put her picture on CD and then transfer it on my computer, but she had shit in the oven. It's her baking day?!? I'll post something other of my handywork as soon as I have a sec. I have pictures of the chalet, as Mr. Louis liked to call the playhouse, and I'll try and post one of dem.

Mon Sep 17, 03:42:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Steve Gajadhar said...

I was only trying to give you that internal gratification that comes from sharing your work with others...

Tue Sep 18, 01:57:00 am GMT-4  

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