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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dream Blog

by Andrew Tibbetts

Last night I dreamed about my blog. How weird is that?

I dreamed there was a gang of artistic pranksters at work in the city. They would break into your home at night and rearrange things in provocative ways while you slept. In the morning, you’d have a surprise work of art made from the ordinary objects of your own life. In my dream, I was hesitating to write about these pranksters in my blog because of my suspicion that my friend, Pasha Malla, was the ringleader. It felt like a conflict of interest. But more than that, it felt like I might say the wrong thing and spoil it, and I didn’t want that! I was a major fan of these art pranks.

Anyway, in my dream I woke up to find my own apartment had been redecorated. The only thing I can remember was that there were candle stubs everywhere which was a comment on my habit of ‘burning the candle at both ends’- something I had dream-blogged about. In fact, almost all the redecorations in my apartment had to do with comments that I’d made on my dream-blog. I was delighted! 1) The art-pranksters had deemed me worthy of one their creations, and 2) Now I had a valid reason to write about them in my blog.

I woke up in such a splendid mood. I made it all the way to brushing my teeth before I realized that the whole thing was a dream and that I actually couldn’t write about this because it didn’t really happen.

Later, of course, it occurred to me that I could blog about the dream itself, a consolation prize. And here we all are. What does it mean, Herr Doktor?


Blogger Tricia Dower said...

It means you need more sleep, interior designer friends, and an endless supply of candles.

Wed Apr 09, 09:03:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Anne C. said...

Interior designer friends. How can I get one of those?

Wed Apr 09, 09:42:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Chumplet said...

I have a recurring dream about a fantastic open concept home with wooden beams and huge windows. It is decorated with treasures in every corner.

Then I wake up and look at my bedroom. Yuck.

Wed Apr 09, 09:53:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger MelBell said...

The other night I dreamed I won $500 worth of hand-held vacuum accessories on a game show. The set was a tool shed. The answer was "chicken".

Wed Apr 09, 10:55:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger Tricia Dower said...

Love it, Mel. There's a flash waiting to emerge from that dream.

Wed Apr 09, 11:14:00 pm GMT-4  
Blogger T. Lee said...

I like your dream, Andrew. When your designer's done, can he come on over to my place?

Thu Apr 10, 06:21:00 pm GMT-4  

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