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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Magazines Galore!

Have you checked out Magazines Canada? Publications galore on all kinds of topics: Animals, Arts & Design, Business, Destinations, Diversity, General Interest, Hobbies, Home, Issues, Literature, Recreation, Regional, Wellness, Women and Youth, for example.

I challenge you to gift someone with a subscription to a Canadian Magazine! Come back to this post and comment all about it! Who'd you gift, what'd you give and why? And how'd it go over?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Andrew. Although I'm concerned about some of the stereotypes that seem to be on display in some of the magazines, there seem to be some very progressive Canadian publications. However, reviewing the publications available, it reminded me of some issues with the future of print media (The End of Print) and the overwhelming amount of content in general. Like the Canadian Writers Collective has done, I think that we must make the effort to build communities that encourage those around us to evolve through critical thinking.


P.S. I'm not sure if I'll be gifting or subscribing myself, but thanks to the Canadian Writers Collective for adding some direction (May I Recommend This Post?). I followed your link to Magazines Canada to The Alternatives Journal to the Newsletter of the Environmental Studies where I found the following excerpt from the editorial by Randy Haluza-DeLay in Rhizome - Vol. 15, No. 2 that also addresses bringing people together:

"I have become aware of the amazing amount and variety of work in the environmental arena occurring in Canada. I have also become aware of the disassociated nature of much of this environmental work – that is, many people doing similar things, yet not knowing what others are doing. I believe that this disassociation is partly to blame for the lackluster progress towards environmental sustainability in Canada – such as is represented by the recent federal budgetary gutting of climate programs, or that a novel can be held out as “the word” on global climate change (I speak of Michael Crichton's State of Fear). Environmental Studies would be more effective if there was even better affiliation. This re-energizes my concern that there be a strong Environmental Studies association. There is question whether such an association can – even informally – represent environmental studies programs to the broader public and other academic fields? This year’s conference will make several steps toward such effort."

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